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We're not your typical software company. is a fast-growing software firm that empowers humble startups and global enterprises. We work in small teams, and make decisions quickly without dwelling and over-analyzing – great decisions usually are no brainers. We believe in very high standards, and everyone holds up to it, and as a result, we are able to accomplish a lot with less!

We're a team with a passion for solving the problem of how organizations share knowledge ( time/ people/ energy/ meetings ).

Believe it or not, but we’ve got clients that have stuck with us since fons et origo? If that’s not proof that we’re going the right way, what is?

Huuuh, While this may seem radical to how many companies work, it works really well for us. We have very high customer satisfaction, superb code, and great test coverage!

#WeareSavage, not Average.




Health Care

Custom EHR, EMR, ERX, and other software solutions for healthcare and Medicine.

We help established businesses such as hospitals, laboratories, and pharmacies, create turnkey products and simplify digital transformation.


Educational platforms LMS, AR/VR experience, and all the digitals to learn and teach.

We help startups and organizations globally create solutions that solve the target audience's problems and make education easy and exciting.


LMS, TMS, SCM, ERP, and other software and mobile apps.

Customs solutions to lower operational expense, optimize supply chains, and improve workflows of warehousing, transportation, cargo, delivery, etc.


B2B, B2C, and C2C marketplaces of any complexity and focus.

We create e-commerce products that help SMBs and big brands to achieve goal sets and increase business value.


We create audio and video streaming (OTT, VOD), entertainment, and similar solutions following the latest technology trends.


Complex CRM, POS, RMS, and other software for stores and large retail chains.

We help our clients introduce effective workflows, improve back-office operations, and optimize performance on all levels.


Digital solutions and mobile apps for established businesses and startups.

We develop software that facilitates online payments, financials analytics, banking and ensures security, legal compliance, and data protection.


Booking platforms, HMS, TMS software solutions for the industry of hospitality and tourism.

We help companies and startups to optimize management, improve efficiency and meet higher custom services expectations.

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Uniqual is rated 8/8 average from 16 reviews on Upwork


Raynald Salah

CEO and Founder, Klapty

Abdulrahman Abu Zaid

Founder, Juthoor

Anand Hebbale

Founder, SparkMySport a Skillteck Inc

Akinbo Tenitogaju

Founder, News Notifier

Andrew Buxton

Founder and CEO, Sezzi

Carl Pomfret

Co-Founder, Financielle

Desmond Eastmond

CEO, Ultimate Assist Publishing Corporation

Chris Bogiatzis

CEO, FastFinity

Pritesh and his team UniQual Itech are really amazing. They create many complex things on this big project: one iOs app, one android app(With Wi-Fi connection to material) and re-create a new website. They also work nice with our CTO on many task, for example on the API part between both apps connection to our webplatform and website for online payment.

They work nice and fast, they have a really good communication and understanding, and also, they are really resonsiveness when necessary! For sure, it is one of our best experience on Upwork after more than 4 years here. I really recommend, it's was a pleasure on this first project, and we will start now another project with Pritesh and his team. Thank you guys, you rock!!"

Pritesh is phenomenal and will always go out of his way to ensure deliverables are met and support/advice is given. I worked with Pritesh on a digital health app and I wouldn't have wanted to do this project with any other person. I highly recommend Pritesh and his company and I do not doubt that future projects will be with him.

We are completing our Phase 1 work with them and will engage them again going forward. UniQual was our partner in success. From day one they worked closely with us. Always felt it was our internal team working closely with us every day. Very flexible with the several changes that we had to make based on feedback from user testing. We were very impressed with their commitment to making our app successful.

The team always met the agreed milestones. Even after the fixed price assignment was complete they continued to support us with minor changes and bug fixes. We have great feedback from the market for this app making us invest further. Hoping to continue the engagement with another project. Highly recommend UniQual.

Pritesh is absolutely the best guy I've ever worked with. You can never go wrong with Pritesh and always expect 110% from him. His competence, patience, knowledge, understanding, collaboration are skills you can't get from 95% of the app developer here on Upwork. He did exactly what I told him, what I paid for and he even did more. I will be using him for future projects and I'm lucky I stumble upon this guy.

Pritesh and his team were great about getting feedback and adapting to the vision that I had for my app. They were very professional and good about getting it down quickly.

Financially hired UniQual to build its first mobile application for submission to both app stores. Our goals were to build an app that was an enhancement to the existing Financielle brand, was suitable for paying customers, and was capable of easy iteration and development. The App included education and course functionality, budget and net worth software, life admin reminders, and push notifications. Additional features included community software, blog article functionality, and our Instagram feed pulling in.

We benefitted from the UniQual project management style, including an inclusive Skype chat group, a project management portal where we could track progress and communicate on specific points. We were also impressed by the timely responses from the team, especially with the difference in time zones. We loved the quality of the development and the collaboration between UniQual and Financielle - we felt like one team which is essential to be able to develop with precision and pace.

This has been an unbelievable experience for my first time developing an APP. Precise coached us along the way and made us feel comfortable with every phase of this project.

His work is paramount to the success of our project and we are pleased..... He is a home run and for those who have doubts download his work on both Apple and Android users as a testament to "Assistant Basketball Coach"... Thank you Pritesh

Pritesh and his team are the best! Easy communication, always clear about what needs to be done and the implementation couldn’t be better.

When you’re looking for a team to realize your software project, you’re definitely at the right place. Thanks again for the good and also ongoing cooperation!