UniQual – Software development company located in INDIA !

We are not married to any specific tool or platform. We sit on our client's side of the table and advise and implement what is best for our clients. We simply refuse to make or tolerate meaningless noise and hype. We work for results, and we make ourselves accountable to you, our clients. We chase productivity, innovation, client satisfaction, and employee retention – a set of self-supporting goals.

We challenge the monotony, the organization politics, the big company mentality, the log jams, the quickly satiable, the pessimists, the obstructionists and above all the naysayers. Our clients and sponsors love it, because all this good karma consistently produces a great return to their investment of trust in our team.

“Perfection is always desired by many but adapted by only a few. While there are numerous advantages to perfecting product quality, there too comes a vision on how we can achieve that perfection. The trust and loyalty that comes from happy customers build a great sales funnel which helps generate fire up positive recommendations.”

Footer Down Our values

Do more

with less

We strive to achieve maximum efficiency and increase productivity with the fewest resources.

Deliver services

that amaze

Solving business challenges in the most effective way and positively impact ROI is what drives us.

Be proud of what

we deliver

We don’t just complete tasks but care about the end result and the future of our clients’ projects.

Build an

outstanding team

Investing time, effort, and money into a great team is what helps us achieve more.

Pursue growth &


We integrate continuous skill development into our workflow to stay up on the latest technology, industry trends, and best practices.

Are partnerships really made in heaven?

We believe in the ‘walk a mile in their shoes’ argument. It’s not rocket science, but it’s always worth repeating and surprising how often it’s forgotten in the heat of quarterly targets and delivery deadlines.

At Uniqual, we love to build long-term software development partnerships with our clients. We have been working with some of them for several years. Thanks to such close cooperation, we now specialize in offering clients our expertise and help, fully understanding their visions, needs, and objectives by creating applications tailored especially for them and future users. We hope that any business relationship with us, will bring you great profits, satisfaction, and great experiences.

The things that keep us hooked



A little bit of chit-chat

Should we drink bullet coffee or espresso! Who likes Pizza and Donuts? Being curious about others is welcome here. There’s always a group somewhere, sharing laughs in conversations on news, opinion, memes, or gossip.


Courtesy wins minds

“Thank you” could be among the top phrases here. We send each other kudos notes, award our blog authors and webinar presenters, and praise the most active contributors daily.


Memes, please

When our batteries dry out, there’s still much to do, and we had enough coffee already, there’s one thing that works. We love memes. Like works of art, they get admired on our Slack, where we rank them by the number of collected XD emojis.


The House of hobbies

What do you enjoy after hours? We have several hobby groups that help us all stay happy and active. Here, a hiker can garden, a gardener can game it out, a gamer can cycle, and everybody calls the cook, eventually.